You have probably spent months saving and researching on the best cruise trips available at the best prices. As the day approaches, you are a nerve of excitement and anxiety as this will be your first time. Even if you have been on a cruise trip before, the excitement still does not fade away. With the jitter comes some minute details that you are bound to forget. Here some of them to ensure nothing takes the fun out of your trip.

  • FlightsBaltimore Limo Service

Unless you intend to drive yourself to the port, you will need to book the cruise line’s flight inclusive air package or your own air transportation. Of course you could always take a limousine such as our friends at Baltimore Limo Service. On the departure day, arrive as early as possible when flying in. If you can make it a day earlier, even better. There may be unforeseen circumstances like flight delays which prevent you from getting to the pier on time. The same case applies to your flight back home. It is better to book in the afternoon to factor in clearing customs delays or anything else that may cause you to debark late

In the case of flight delays, let the airline know you are a cruise passenger scheduled to sail that day. They will try and accommodate you as soon as possible on another flight. Next, contact your cruise line and inform them of the delay. They provide an emergency toll-free number to be used for the day of travel so have it nearby. Sometimes you will have to travel to the next port and meet your ship at your own expense; unless you had booked a cruise line all-inclusive air/sea package.

  • Packing

A lot of people board cruise ships at once, and so ships receive thousands of luggage at once. This means that it might take hours before your luggage gets to you. Make sure to have carry-ons with you; important documents, medication, bathing suits, diapers, wipes, etc. In case your bag is misplaced or lost, these necessities will keep you going for some time.

  • Dress Codes

Dress codes are specified in your travel documents for each cruise line. Depending on the airline, there is formal wear for evening dinners, and casual wear for daytime hours. This may change from day to day so be sure to check their schedule before you start packing.

  • BYOB

Some cruise ships allow you to carry your own alcohol, a bottle or two, aboard. This is to avoid guests sneaking in with their alcohol. Other cruise lines, however, do not.

  • Safety Drills

Before the ship sets sail, most cruise ships offer safety/muster drills. Ensure you attend these drills to be on the safe side. Cabin crew members do not come around to check for people in their cabin areas.

  • Ship’s Daily Newsletter

This shows the program of the ship, times, places, venues, activities, etc. It is a handy tool to ensure you don’t miss out. As an alternative to the traditional printouts, some cruise lines have mobile apps where the daily updates are posted.

  • Sea Sickness

Most cruise lines have doctors on board who attend to passengers in case of motion sickness. You can visit your doctor before-hand for prescribed medication.

  • Communicate

If you aren’t particularly pleased about something on the trip, let one of the staff members know. Cruise lines have exemplary customer service and will ensure you have a great time on board.