You’ve been working hard for the greater part of the year. You finally have vacation time and you probably have about two to three weeks free. Enough time to let off the steam, relax, have some fun and recharge your mental and physical batteries. It’s important to observe a note of caution though. As wonderful as this time is, it could all fly away without doing anything significant. You have to be intentional about what you choose to do with your vacation. For the adventurous ones, there’s no argument here, it’s time to pack the bags and go see the world. However, for the more reclusive among us, they may decide to just stay within their environment and savor the free time. Whichever category you fall into, you need proper planning to ensure that your vacation is memorable, pleasurable and productive. We will consider planning tips for both categories:

Long VacationThe Way Farers: For the folks who are travel-inclined, here are the things to sort and put in place.

Research: Before you start packing bags and booking tickets. Be sure to find out all you can about your planned destination. Things to know include laws, political stability, currency and economy, crime rates. You don’t want to fly into a civil war on your vacation. Take the time to painstakingly consult travel guides and world directories. Determine the specific tourist attractions you want to visit.

Costs: Have a rough estimate of the costs of transportation, feeding, park fees, hotel and lodging and so on. A spreadsheet or even basic pen and paper will suffice to carry out simple calculations. A little over-estimation will be wise

Paperwork: After you’ve carried out your research, be sure to start your visa processing early. Book tickets fast, make reservations and bookings. You should not wait till 1 week to your trip before taking these necessary steps.

The Home-zone crew: Not being interested in travelling is not a crime. If your plan is to stay within your vicinity, here are a few tips for you to make it a fun time.

Family time: Work often shortens the amount of time we get to spend with family- especially the kids. Your vacation could be a time to strengthen those bonds and reassure them of your love. Family picnics or a visit to the local museum or zoo won’t be quickly forgotten both by you and your family. You could also arrange a nice treat for your spouse. Helping around the house with simple chores and errands while everybody else goes to work or school is another way to make your present and warmth felt in the home.

Books: When last did you have the time to really pick up a good book and enjoy learning something new or even just the fun of a well-written fiction? Your vacation is a good chance to do this. Make a list of some titles you’ve always wanted to read but been to busy to do that. Head to the bookshop or other them off amazon and have an amazing vacation.