Planning a Long Vacation- Things to put in place.

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You’ve been working hard for the greater part of the year. You finally have vacation time and you probably have about two to three weeks free. Enough time to let off the steam, relax, have some fun and recharge your mental and physical batteries. It’s important to observe a note of caution though. As wonderful as this time is, it could all fly away without doing anything significant. You have to be intentional about what you choose to do with your vacation. For the adventurous ones, there’s no argument here, it’s time to pack the bags and go see the world. However, for the more reclusive among us, they may decide to just stay within their environment and savor the free time. Whichever category you fall into, you need proper planning to ensure that your vacation is memorable, pleasurable and productive. We will consider planning tips for both categories:

Long VacationThe Way Farers: For the folks who are travel-inclined, here are the things to sort and put in place.

Research: Before you start packing bags and booking tickets. Be sure to find out all you can about your planned destination. Things to know include laws, political stability, currency and economy, crime rates. You don’t want to fly into a civil war on your vacation. Take the time to painstakingly consult travel guides and world directories. Determine the specific tourist attractions you want to visit.

Costs: Have a rough estimate of the costs of transportation, feeding, park fees, hotel and lodging and so on. A spreadsheet or even basic pen and paper will suffice to carry out simple calculations. A little over-estimation will be wise

Paperwork: After you’ve carried out your research, be sure to start your visa processing early. Book tickets fast, make reservations and bookings. You should not wait till 1 week to your trip before taking these necessary steps.

The Home-zone crew: Not being interested in travelling is not a crime. If your plan is to stay within your vicinity, here are a few tips for you to make it a fun time.

Family time: Work often shortens the amount of time we get to spend with family- especially the kids. Your vacation could be a time to strengthen those bonds and reassure them of your love. Family picnics or a visit to the local museum or zoo won’t be quickly forgotten both by you and your family. You could also arrange a nice treat for your spouse. Helping around the house with simple chores and errands while everybody else goes to work or school is another way to make your present and warmth felt in the home.

Books: When last did you have the time to really pick up a good book and enjoy learning something new or even just the fun of a well-written fiction? Your vacation is a good chance to do this. Make a list of some titles you’ve always wanted to read but been to busy to do that. Head to the bookshop or other them off amazon and have an amazing vacation.

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Tips for Cruise Line Trips

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You have probably spent months saving and researching on the best cruise trips available at the best prices. As the day approaches, you are a nerve of excitement and anxiety as this will be your first time. Even if you have been on a cruise trip before, the excitement still does not fade away. With the jitter comes some minute details that you are bound to forget. Here some of them to ensure nothing takes the fun out of your trip.

  • FlightsBaltimore Limo Service

Unless you intend to drive yourself to the port, you will need to book the cruise line’s flight inclusive air package or your own air transportation. Of course you could always take a limousine such as our friends at Baltimore Limo Service. On the departure day, arrive as early as possible when flying in. If you can make it a day earlier, even better. There may be unforeseen circumstances like flight delays which prevent you from getting to the pier on time. The same case applies to your flight back home. It is better to book in the afternoon to factor in clearing customs delays or anything else that may cause you to debark late

In the case of flight delays, let the airline know you are a cruise passenger scheduled to sail that day. They will try and accommodate you as soon as possible on another flight. Next, contact your cruise line and inform them of the delay. They provide an emergency toll-free number to be used for the day of travel so have it nearby. Sometimes you will have to travel to the next port and meet your ship at your own expense; unless you had booked a cruise line all-inclusive air/sea package.

  • Packing

A lot of people board cruise ships at once, and so ships receive thousands of luggage at once. This means that it might take hours before your luggage gets to you. Make sure to have carry-ons with you; important documents, medication, bathing suits, diapers, wipes, etc. In case your bag is misplaced or lost, these necessities will keep you going for some time.

  • Dress Codes

Dress codes are specified in your travel documents for each cruise line. Depending on the airline, there is formal wear for evening dinners, and casual wear for daytime hours. This may change from day to day so be sure to check their schedule before you start packing.

  • BYOB

Some cruise ships allow you to carry your own alcohol, a bottle or two, aboard. This is to avoid guests sneaking in with their alcohol. Other cruise lines, however, do not.

  • Safety Drills

Before the ship sets sail, most cruise ships offer safety/muster drills. Ensure you attend these drills to be on the safe side. Cabin crew members do not come around to check for people in their cabin areas.

  • Ship’s Daily Newsletter

This shows the program of the ship, times, places, venues, activities, etc. It is a handy tool to ensure you don’t miss out. As an alternative to the traditional printouts, some cruise lines have mobile apps where the daily updates are posted.

  • Sea Sickness

Most cruise lines have doctors on board who attend to passengers in case of motion sickness. You can visit your doctor before-hand for prescribed medication.

  • Communicate

If you aren’t particularly pleased about something on the trip, let one of the staff members know. Cruise lines have exemplary customer service and will ensure you have a great time on board.

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Cheap Vacation Ideas

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Deciding on a holiday destination can be one of the hardest things to do when planning a vacation. A probable reason for this is the number of factors that come into play. The number of people involved, your budget, the time you want to spend vacationing, etc. Contrary to popular belief, you really don’t need to have an overload of cash to enjoy a nice holiday. You can have a nice getaway at a considerably low budget without having to break the bank.

The sole purpose of a vacation is to unwind, relax, let loose and have some fun. It does not have to be a costly affair. Here are some ideas on how to vacation without splurging.

Local TouristCheap Vacation Ideas

It is not surprising that people rarely transverse different parts of the countries they live in. Almost everyone is guilty of this at some point in their lives. Before you think about international travels, find some great spots in your own country that you have never visited before; you will experience so many wonders waiting to be uncovered.

If you decide to sight see, check yourself into a guest house to have a change of environment. Otherwise, staying at home may be an excuse to do any other thing than sight see. It also creates a feeling of adventure and thrill when you decide to do this. Get yourself some city tourism passes at your local tourism office to experience multiple local attractions for free or at reduced costs.


There is nothing comparable to laying on the beach with the perfect weather. You may prefer to engage in water sporting activities such as snorkeling, sailing, paddle boarding, scuba diving, etc. A swim with the dolphins would be such a memorable experience as well.  For family vacations, you can opt for beaches with restaurants, amusement parks and arcades for the kids and yourselves too. Make sure to choose an all-inclusive resort to get value for your money.


The best things in life come free to us, right? Being outdoors is a great chance to experience some beautiful scenery at very little or no cost. You will admit that nature and its landmarks do have a calming effect. You can decide to drive around your region, and you will be surprised at discovering some things for the first time.

National Parks

National parks are a great vacation choice especially if you don’t want to spend a considerable amount of money. There is so much to do and see that will blow your mind away. The drives where you get see the wildlife, nature trails, mountain climbing, camping, etc. Park fees fall in the range of $15and $40. In some places, camping on public lands is free. If camping is not your thing, most parks have cabins that you can choose instead.

Cruise Ships

To get a great deal on cruise ships, make sure to book very early in advance or at the very last minute. You are likely to get a bargain as they are normally quite expensive. They go for $600 and above per person for just a small room. Booking at least a year in advance will get you a significant reduction in the fare. Last minute deals go down as far as half the normal price. Booking other types of tours also work the same way; you get up to 20% discounts at the last minute.

Other cruise ships offer ridiculously low rates of up to $30 per day. If the prices drop after you have made a booking, you may get partial refunds or vouchers for food or drinks.


This is one of the major stressors in vacations because of the exorbitant prices charged by decent or good hotels. It can eat into your budget and suck the fun out of your entire trip. Some people may have found a way around that, and they call it house sitting. You get to live in someone else’s house while they are away which is pretty awesome and convenient for both the house owner and yourself.

Try to be creative when seeking for vacation options and destinations. You may decide to go to totally different locations that are unheard of instead of the same old famous destinations. Deviate from the common path and reward yourself with an amazing, unprecedented experience. Combine that with an off-season visit, and you will save yourself a whole lot of money while gaining new exciting experiences. There is so much information available online on cheap deals, discounts, etc., that you can take advantage of.

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How to Choose a Great Limousine Service

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You have a special event coming up, and you want a limo service to grace your departure and arrival to your destination. With so many rental services available, you may be feeling a bit confused as to which company to use. We have had excellent service from BethRock Limo ( if you happen to be in the Bethesda and Rockville, MD area near Washington DC. If you aren’t near there, here are a few crucial factors that will narrow down your choices and help you get the exact service that you are looking for.

LicensingTravel limousine

Each company should be properly licensed. You should also find out if they have commercial vehicle insurance. Don’t take chances with companies that cannot show you their insurance and licensing credentials. Your safety should be your number one concern.

Company’s fleet size

This can give you an insight into the company’s operations and services. Generally, smaller companies are expected to offer a more personalized service than larger companies. While this may not always be the case, the chances are that larger companies give more standardized service because of the variety of services available.


You want to feel safe and secure and so due diligence is required to ensure that the chauffeurs of these companies meet all the required state mandates. Some of these mandatory requirements include; good driving history, random substance abuse tests, and criminal background checks. Medical screening and commercial driver’s license are required for larger vehicles.


Companies differ in their pricing policies so ensure you make comparisons before arriving at a final decision. Some companies may offer a flat rate; others may choose a price per hour or an all inclusive package. There may also be instances of additional fees charged apart from the listed prices so make sure to get all the information beforehand to avoid unpleasant surprises.


This is best suited for those special events and locations with specified time periods. Examples may include weddings, sporting events, concerts, proms, etc. This package will most likely incorporate the number of people, the number of hours and probably some luxury amenities for a bulk rate.


Some companies will charge an hourly rate which they refer to as the travel time; from the garage to the time it returns. They may add an hour for this time to make the billing much easier. If the rate was an all exclusive package, they might give an hourly charge for the continued use of the limo during overtime. Rates may also depend on seasonal demand just like is the case with hotel rooms.

Use these guidelines to ensure you get the best limousine service for your money’s value.

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Avoiding Pickpockets When Traveling

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How to Avoid Pickpockets When Travellingtravel pickpocket

The long awaited travel day is finally here. Your luggage is packed; flights booked, passport check, credit card company has been informed that you are traveling. Everything is in place. You are hoping for a fantastic trip with lots of fun, excitement and new experiences. Nobody goes for a trip bracing for the worst because you just want to unwind. But, unfortunately, sometimes you come back with not so pleasant memories that ruin the whole experience for you.

Well, the good thing is that you can also choose to be prepared and alert to avert any negative experiences that threaten to take out the fun out of your experience. We are not asking you to be paranoid, no. We simply advocate for a healthy amount of suspicion to always keep you one step ahead.

One common problem while traveling is pickpockets. It isn’t a violent crime, but it can be a great inconvenience losing money and other valuable items. Picture losing your passport; this will mean delayed travel plans, and that means you have to dig deeper into your pocket. If your credit card is lifted, the credit card agency has to be called to be warned to prevent identity fraud. After this, you have to go through the hassle of replacing the relevant documents which will create a huge cost for you in terms of money, time and worry.

Before you leave, consider the following to help you minimize the loss in case you fall victim to this petty theft.



  • Make copies of important documents you plan to bring with you for the trip. Itinerary, passport, car rental voucher, rail pass, and extra passport pictures, etc.
  • For backup purposes, leave some copies with your loved ones back home in case they need to send it to you.
  • Backup digital pictures and files as well from electronic devices that you will need on your trip.
  • Consider taking theft insurance for expensive electronics. Take a picture and leave it at home in case you need to claim the insurance.
  • Leave your expensive bags, jewelry, etc., at home. Luxurious items are a great way to attract pickpocketers.
  • File a police report.

Avoiding Theft

A few other precautions are necessary to prevent finding yourself in this mess.

Use Traveler’s Checks

The best know of the traveler’s checks are the ones from American Express.  If they get stolen, you can get them replaced at little or no charge. American Express has offices in most locations so it is easy to get replacement ones. If you need some cash, just cash an American Express check at any bank.

Use a money belt.

This is an elastic zippered pouch fastened to your body worn underneath your clothes. It is a convenient way to carry your money, passport, ID and other small valuable items. Some styles of the money belts include;

  • Around the waist is the traditional money belt. It is worn under your shirt and waist.
  • Around the neck which is easier to access; even better if you wear under button-up shirts.
  • Belts with hidden in built pockets.
  • Hidden pockets tuck into your pant legs. These are quite comfortable.

Leave valuables in your hotel room

It is safer to tuck them somewhere discreetly in your room. Some hotels have safes in the hotel room or at the front desk if that’s more comfortable for you. Any of these options is better than carrying them around.

Keep track of your items.

  • Most travelers think they have been robbed while in essence, they just lost their items.
  • Establish a habit of not setting down small items. Keep them tucked or firmly in your hand.
  • Also, avoid placing your phone on the table top while in a restaurant.
  • Stick to an unpacking routine at the hotel to avoid misplacing your items.

Firmly secure your bag

  • Theft is made easier when a thief can separate you from your valuables. If you are traveling in a bus or train or you want to take a rest, a good idea should be to tie your luggage to yourself or your chair/seat.
  • Consider sling backpacks as those stay close to your body. However, they might not be such a good idea if you plan to carry a lot of stuff with you.
  • Wear your bag backward that way it’s easier to keep an eye on it.
  • Keep the zipper on your bag locked at all times.

Avoid crowds or commotions

They provide a good distraction for thieves and an easy escape route. Be extremely vigilant if you happen to find yourself amidst a crowd.

Common Pickpocket Targets

  • Tourists
  • Flashy people
  • Friendly and trusting people
  • People with lots of luggage
  • Asians especially the Chinese. Pickpockets consider them very wealthy. Some of them don’t have access to credit and debit cards, and so it is assumed they carry large amounts of cash with them.

Don’t let pickpockets spoil your fun. Just adhere to the above guidelines, and you are bound to have a memorable trip.

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Tips for How to Prepare for a Long Overseas Holiday

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Well, everyone who plans to travel wants to have a safe and exciting holiday. So, everything has started out well and you’ve already chosen where to go for your holiday vacation. You’re already done booking your trip. You decided to travel to a destination that’s far from home to have a different experience and adventure. Probably you’ve even been planning to travel overseas for the past few years and the time has finally come.

Preparation remains one of the most important factors whenever you’re travelling for holiday. There are things that one must attend to before leaving for a trip. Here’s what you need to know as you prepare to head overseas for that holiday vacation.

Do your Research and Get Informed

Don’t just rely on a description or details outlined on a document provided by a travel and tours company online. You could be traveling to a dangerous or unsafe destination. Start by doing a research to understand everything possible in relation to where you’re headed. Visit online forums where you can get useful information and advice from other travelers who have travelled to that destination. Find out their experience and let them give you a honest opinion of how they found the place. Your aim should be to get informed about where you’re travelling to.

Make Lists

Anytime you’re travelling for holiday, you must list down the different things that need your attention before you leave. You should leave everything at home in a safe place to make your trip peaceful. Taking care of everything at home will help you not to worry about your home while on holiday. You may need to list down everything then cross them as you finish attending to them.

Pack for your Destination

Most people tend to care less when packing for holiday. They just throw things into some bag and claim to have packed. You should take time and only pack what you’re comfortable wearing during your vacation trip. Only pack what you need. During your research, you should find out the kind of weather experienced in the overseas destination. If you’re travelling to the northern Europe, you may need to layer up. If you’re travelling to the Middle East, you may need to pack light clothes. Spending time to pack will help you not forget important things. However, if you forget something, you can still get it overseas in the shops.

Don’t forget the Boring Stuff

Who enjoys photocopying those travel documents for the entire family? As much as it’s not fun, you still need your passport and other important documents ready. You also need to make arrangements how you’ll be accessing your money overseas. Also remember to get travel insurance before leaving home.

Finally, tidy up the Loose Ends

You don’t want to leave for holiday vacation before organizing where to store your furniture and other appliances. You may need to a responsible person to help with your mail. If there are any ongoing bills that need your attention, clear them as well.

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